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GIRL CRUSH: Danielle Ash

GIRL CRUSH: Danielle Ash

Danielle Ash is a Brooklyn based animator who uses cardboard and reused objects as her main materials of choice. Her projects in animation, puppetry and music, including giant cardboard zoetropes and miniature animated toy installations, have been exhibited in New York and LA.  

Besides being an integral creative contributer to Moomah the Magazine (see some of her work here), her animated films have recently screened at The Museum of the Moving Image, on PBS channel 13 and in various film festivals worldwide. We adore her creativity and wild imagination and are constantly in awe of the simple, yet effective craft projects that she turns out when working with children as young at two years old. We decided she would make a perfect Girl Crush of the month.

What do you like most about yourself?

I enjoy how obsessive I get when it comes to making my animations!

Besides a parent, was there anyone in your life that made a big impression on you?

Groucho Marx, even though not literally in my life, had a big impact on me. He was a staple of movie watching growing up and that permanently affected my sense of humor. He also influenced my choice of glasses frames!

What is something very small in your life that gives you big pleasure?

When a student of mine has the animation light bulb go off in their own imagination and I know it's because of me, that is a serious pleasure.

What's the best vacation you have ever been on?

Camping on Maui in Hawaii. There were exploding cans of beans on the campfire and we sat and watched the whales jumping out of the ocean.

What is your pet peeve?

I cannot stand when people clip their fingernails in public!!

Do you have a dirty little secret? What is it!?

I love to listen to old records... lying on the floor... drinking a glass of scotch!

What are you completely impressed by?

I am completely impressed by the moon. The moon and also the films of Jan Svankmayer.

Was there one little decision you made that had a big impact on your life?

Going to Grad School launched a successful career for me, while simultaneously ruining a home life.

What makes your heart beat fast (don't say Soul Cycle)?

Watching the Knicks!!

If you could give advice to your teenage self, what would it be?

I would tell my teenage self to be more confident!

View more of Danielle's amazing work here >>

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Anita Nagel said…

love the magazine and the breeziness of the articles. Best of all, love Danielle Ash, who is a most wonderful and surprising woman.

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