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Gift Packaging Inspiration

Gift Packaging Inspiration

We're crossing our fingers that this movement towards the simple and sweet never ends. Minimal prints, soft colors and materials that are just as easily found at your butcher shop or bakery as they are a fancy, overpriced paper store. Thanks to this seeminly endless Brown-Kraft-Butcher-Paper-Baker's-Twine trend, creating beautiful gift-packages is easier than ever. No more Dancing Santas (no offense Santa) or Bursting Poinsetta prints (does anybody really like those cat killers anyway?).

We've pulled together a Pinterest Board with our most favorite ideas to get us in the mood to start wrapping... which we've yet to do. 

Click Here for additional ideas to jump-start your inspiration. 

Gift Packaging TIP 1 

Have some bold colored cardstock on hand to play with color and cut-out shapes. We love the idea of bright colored snowflakes! Create a band of layers of patterned or folded paper to wrap around your package instead of ribbon. 


Gift Packaging TIP 2

Everything looks great on brown butcher paper or white parchment paper. Add clippings and natural accents to slip under your twine- it's always beautiful!


Gift Packaging TIP 3

Think outside the box! Experiment with other forms of wrap: old maps, fabric and oragami.


Gift Packaging TIP 4

Get into Washi Tape!


Gift Packaging TIP 5

Don't be afraid to go mono-tone.


Here are some links to make your hunt for supplies that much easier!

Seam Binding Ribbon
Twill Tape
Lace Tape 
Washi Tape 
Bakers Twine
Patterned Paper for 'Paper Ribbon' 
Trimmings // Greens // Twigs 

All images were found on Pinterest. Visit our Pinterest Board "Design and Packaging" for reference to the original photograph. 

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