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Design Your Own Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Design Your Own Healthy Breakfast Cereal

- Tracey Stewart

I try to do my best as a mother, really, I do. I try to get healthy foods into my kids as often as I can, but hey, I’m human, and I get lazy…especially on school mornings… so tired. One morning I let some sugary cereals slip into the morning mix. I had forgotten that those damn cereals were like crack cocaine; I had once been an addict myself, wailing against yogurt, fruit and (gag) fiber in favor of what that cartoon bird was COO COO for, and the other one that was MAGICALLY DELICIOUS!!! And, like my childhood self, my kids can gobble that colored stuff right up.

How to undo what I had done? I checked in with an expert—Chrissy Wellington, a nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts— who suggested that I take my kids’ beloved sugary cereal with its alluring, cartoon-laden box, and sprinkle in a little ‘healthy’ cereal, gradually changing the ratio so that the healthful eventually outweighed the sugar-full.

With this information in mind, I took Chrissy’s idea one step further and give my kids the opportunity to design their own brand. My devilish plan worked beautifully! They excitedly gobbled up their new creations and enthusiastically tried to get others to taste their concoctions.

After they finished creating the recipes, they each went to work designing the box and coming up with a product name. We decorated paper shopping bags then used them to wrap the former boxes of cereal, creating our own brand of breakfast. My son invented “The Blast” and my daughter named her cereal “Chocolate Love.”

I presented them with a big mixing bowl on the counter filled with a good helping of their favorite preservative-laden cereal. I then surrounded it with bowls of the healthier cereals. I also included bowls of organic raisins, vegan marshmallows and dried fruits. I gave them measuring cups and told them to go to town, creating their very own formula.

Thanks, Chrissy!

More tips from Chrissy:

When choosing between cereals, a good rule of thumb is the less ingredients the better (the ideal being less than five). You should be familiar with all the ingredients listed, and your grams of fiber should always be higher than your grams of sugar.

some tried and true favorites:


  • Arrowhead Mills: Spelt Flakes, Kamut Flakes and Oat Bran
  • Barbara’s Shredded Wheat
  • Bakery on Main Granola (gluten free)
  • Bear Naked Granola
  • Familia Swiss Muesli
  • Kashi: Organic Autumn Promise, To Good Friends, Go Lean, Medley, Heart to Heart, Seven in the Morning, Honey Sunshine
  • Kellogg’s Shredded Wheat
  • Nature’s Path: Smart Bran, Flax Plus, 8 Grain, Flax Plus Granola and Optimum Cereals
  • New Morning Oatios
  • US Mills Uncle Sam’s

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