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Become Organized: Make a Plan

Become Organized: Make a Plan

- Lisel Ashlock

This year, I vowed to get organized. I didn’t even really know what that meant. All I knew is that every morning I was being pulled in a million different directions. I had no idea where to start, or how to prioritize. It ALL had to get done! That’s when my brain would shut down, I would give a mindless errand more priority than a pressing issue, get lost in Pinterest and scramble to pull together only immediate tasks. Time was lost and projects were not being given their full focus leaving that constant nagging feeling “UGGGG, how is it all going to get done?”. Pure dread.

It’s that time of year; the time of year that we dare to face our weaknesses and resolve to change them. “I will open my mail every day”. “I will go to the gym three times a week”. “I will cook more”. "I will answer every email". You get the idea. Once you make your official resolution, you might do these things for a day, a week, or month, before you revert back to your daily rituals and habits. Nothing like those pesky, comforting, messy but charming habits to ease you back into your frazzled self.

The trick with actually changing these ‘bad’ habits is to create new rituals to combat them. In order to honor your vow to open your mail every day, you have to create a new ritual so you don’t get overwhelmed by what’s inside those envelopes; a system. But, what kind of system? Just figuring out where to start is overwhelming in it's own right, and enough to drive you right back to Pinterest, Facebook or whatever your choice of online-crack is.

Enter: “Getting Things Done” a fantastic book by David Allen. I have never EVER read business self-help books, but a desperate loved-one pressed it into my hands at the end of a long stress-filled day of me crying “I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO!!!”, and begged me to read it. When he said gently, “I know you’re busy, but you’re not so busy that you have to work all weekend every weekend,” I gave him my death stare, grumbled something that a teenager might grumble and reluctantly took the book. Three days later I was cornering everyone I knew, prosthelytizing like a traveling bible salesman. My mind was clearer, tasks on my to-do lists were actually getting checked off, stacks of mail dwindled and I finally got my weekends back. 

Have a pit in your stomach just THINKING about dealing with to-do lists and filing systems? Buy those proverbial gym shoes in the form of MUJI products- the place that packages their goods so adorably you suddenly need mini-staplers, tiny erasers and a highlighter in every color. We just love all the little gems MUJI has to make organizing fun. “Pre-boxed” to-do list paper pads, pretty colored page marker tags, and who doesn’t need doggy and kitty post-its! These tools BEG to be put to work.


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