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Make it! Fancy Father’s Day Card

Make it! Fancy Father’s Day Card

Does your dad snore like a bear? Does he howl like a wolf, or have a memory like an elephant?
Is your dad always wearing a suit and tie? Or does he like to wear a fancy hat? Maybe he prefers his pajamas all the time?

This Father's Day, make a card specifically for your dad. No matter what embarrassing clothes he likes to wear, or what animal he is most like, he is still your dad... and dads are the best at laughing at themselves.

We've provided different animal templates for you to choose from - elephant, wolf, bear or deer. Pick the one that most suits your dad and dress it up to look just like him.



PRINT the card template on cardstock: Elephant/Wolf/Bear/Deer

FOLD the card stock in half, flattening the folded edge.

LAY the printed shapes on a piece of fabric.

PIN the paper to the fabric.

CUT around the desired shapes and pieces.
ARRANGE the fabric onto your card, dressing the animal.

GLUE all pieces down onto the card however you'd like.

Click on the individual image to Print your card template >>


Click Here to Print out your shapes >>


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Recent Comments

Anita Nagel said…

Dear Tracey Your father’s day essay was so touching;it made me wish to know your dad. Thanks for sharing. anita nagel (danielle’s mom)

jeanette nyberg said…

These are just very, very cool.

ciara fitzpatrick said…

i think this is a
great idea. i love it xxx

angelica said…

So fun and hip! Love ‘em…except dad in our house is more of a t-shirt and jeans handyman most days…and monster, a cookie monster that is

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