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Fabric Jewelry is a Girl’s Best Friend

Fabric Jewelry is a Girl’s Best Friend

- Tracey Stewart

I did a bad, bad thing. When I found out I was having a baby girl, I went out and bought beautiful dresses for her. Beautiful dresses that often came with hefty price tags.  I literally bought a three-year supply over the course of six months. What I didn't know then was that she would embark on a path of rapid growth that would leave her busting out of her clothes on an average of every six months.

So, with lots and lots of beautiful dresses in the closet unable to be worn, I took action. I donated some and I put away others for my eventual grandchildren. But many of the dresses had suffered stains and damage in the short time they were in circulation. Those beautiful prints and embellishments made their way into her fabric jewelry project. Now every time she wears one of her handcrafted necklaces I feel a little less guilty and foolish.



Various fabric strips (about 15 inch-long strips)
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread
Wooden beads

GATHER your materials together and THREAD your needle. Don't forget to tie a big knot at the end of one side so that your stitches don't pull through.

CHOOSE a strip of fabric and CUT the fabric into a strip about 15 inches long. Cutting your fabric using zig-zag scissors can be a good way stop the fabric from fraying. 


INSERT the needle into one end of your fabric strip.

USE a basic stitch to sew in a straight line along the length of your fabric strip, about one inch between each stitch. You will be folding your fabric like an accordion and sewing through each side.

REPEAT this stitch until you reach the end of the fabric strip. Because you are poking your needle through so much fabric, it can be tough. Be sure to poke through one side at a time until you reach the end to make it easier.


GATHER your fabric.

HOLD the needle up high in one hand and USE your other hand to SCRUNCH down the fabric, allowing the folds to gather in layers around the string.

CONTINUE doing this over and over again with different strips of fabric. Sewing strips onto your string and then gathering the fabric with a scrunching motion until you've used all of your fabric.

ADD beads throughout your necklace. We like to add them at the beginning and the end, but also throughout.

USE a bead to tie off your necklace and hold it together.



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