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Easy, Beautiful Ornament Making

Easy, Beautiful Ornament Making

Every bodega, corner store and nursery have simple December greens at this time of year begging to be picked up and decorated with. Sadly, I'm never the one to buy them. Every December I leave New York and go home to California, so while everyone is out picking their trees and making homemade ornaments I go home to a festive-less apartment. Walking home past the little home & garden store next to my apartment, SkinnySkinny, I realized I just couldn't do it another year. Out front were sweet crates full of beautiful clippings of pine, spruce, fir, holly. Inside were all the lovely air plants and terrarium creations I always say I'm going to master but never do. I saw the little hanging balls and knew what had to happen.

Ok, ok, we know these little glass terrarium hanging balls have been around for awhile, but when brainstorming for a simple, easy, beautiful (did I mention easy, fast and satisfying) way to make your tree or your home festive, we couldn't resist turning these into mini wonderland ornaments. They are perfect for your tree or, for someone like me, a really simple way to make your home feel celebratory without the whole shebang.


Supplies we used to make our Mini Wonderland Ornaments

• Hanging Glass Globe >>
• Reindeer Moss >>
• Miniature Mushroom Bird >>
• Feather Butterflies >>

Greenery Clippings:
Port Orford Cedar >>
White Cedar >>
English Holly >>
Barbatus Green Ball Dianthus >>

A few Tips

• Pick up Barbatus Green Ball Dianthus at any bodega or florist. It's a cousin of the carnation, and it's bright green, fluffy and full; works wonderfully to fill up the glass globes.
• After cutting all but 1 inch off the stock of the Barbatus Green Ball Dianthus, I stuck it into a tuft of damp reindeer moss to keep it from drying out too fast- you could also add a little bit of water at the bottom of the globe.
• Line the bottom of the ball first with White Cedar so it looks pretty from all angels.

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Kristi-Lynn said…

These are so cute!

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