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Dwell in Bed: A sweet reminder.

Dwell in Bed: A sweet reminder.

- By Tracey Stewart

I did a very small thing last year that went a long way: My grandfather was in the last year of his life, and the moments when he recognized us were becoming more fleeting and incredibly precious. It was hard not to worry about him.  One particular worry I had was that he would wake up and not know where he was. So I decided to leave loving messages on all of his pillowcases and sheets using a fabric marker. He'd awake to the message, “You are loved, Grandpop” and would proudly show them to all his visitors. It gave me some comfort knowing that even if I wasn’t physically there all of the time, reminders of my love were.

After he passed, I got to thinking this gesture might be appreciated by other people I love as well. I decided to embroider messages to my kids on their pillowcases - they love it too. I then realized that this would be a great thing for friends of mine who have kids that are going off to camp for the first time. Some have said they are going to do the same to their kid’s camp bedding to make nights away from home easier.


Having put the idea into his head, my son got inspired to embellish his own pillowcase. His dinosaur pillow from Dwell resembled stitching in the original design, and so he wanted to add his own touch.

Disclaimer: I was more than happy to take needle and thread to my kids pillowcases but when I recently came across this other beautiful Dwell bed set… I had to reinforce to my kids that saying "I love you" would do just fine!



• Pillow case of choice - we love Dwell 
Embroidery Hoop 
Embroidery Thread 
Embroidery Needle 

CHOOSE the design you will add to your pillow case.

DRAW the outline lightly in the desired spot using a pencil.

Note: If you are going to embellish a pillow that is slept on, keep your added designs towards the edges. If you’re thinking of a more prominent and centred design in the body of the pillow, maybe use a more decorative pillow that will not be used for sleeping (in my family we all have loads of pillows on our beds but only one that is our favorite to sleep on - my husband finds this very puzzling).

PLACE the embroidery hoop over the area that you intend to stitch. The hoop will allow the fabric to stretch out straight and serve as a flat surface to work on.

THREAD your needle with the desired color of thread. Be sure that the needle you use is not too big, you don't want visible holes in the material as you stitch.

BEGIN stitching your design over the pencil outline. We chose to do small stitches back and forth, always beginning from inside the pillow case so that the end of the thread is not visible once complete.

TIE off the thread and remove the needle once all stitching is complete.

REMOVE the embroidery hoop and your pillow case is now personalized!

At first, we were unsure if embroidery would work on our pillow cases as the needles and the thread seemed too thick for the fabric of the pillow case. The good thing about the thread we have recommended is that once you have cut it, you can remove some of its strands to make it the exact thickness you need. Embroidery thread leaves a more visible mark on the fabric; however, regular sewing thread will do just fine to leave your mark. And if sewing is not your forte at all, do what I did and stick to fabric marker!



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