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Dream Journal: Helping your Kids to Fall Asleep Peacefully

Dream Journal: Helping your Kids to Fall Asleep Peacefully

When one of my kids started getting worried about monsters right before bedtime, Dr. Anne Marie Albano suggested I create a dream journal for both my kids. The project has spawned peaceful evenings, a family tradition and a treasured keepsake. You can start with any notebook, and it’s nice to have your child decorate the cover.
Right before bed, as we’re nestled under the covers, my kids draw a picture in their journals depicting what they hope to dream about. They draw cute animals they want to play with, places they want to visit and fun imaginary things they’d like to do like take a ride on a magical unicorn, have dinner with Yoda or live in a big tree house filled with monkeys. This puts them in a pleasant mood as they head towards their beds and off to sleep. The pages of their journals are filled with whimsical pictures from their imaginations and they are happily rested for sweet dreams.

To complement this project, we also made dreamcatchers to hang by their beds. Now if any bad dreams manage to sneak in, their dreamcatchers are there to grab them! Click here to learn how to make your own dreamcatcher!

We love the Embroidered Binder Paper Notebook journal from Pi'lo. The soft cotton cover easily comes on and off, allowing you to use the same cover over and over! Order it HERE >>

- By Tracey Stewart

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