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Duct Tape Fashion

Duct Tape Fashion

It’s always reassuring for me to remember my early years as a mother. All the things I worried about that turned out in then end not to have warranted my apocalyptic fear. The binky was extinguished after one not so hard night, the thumb sucking didn’t cause my daughter to appear rodent-like, and our choice of a preschool doesn’t seem to be pointing to a life of disappointment and lack of opportunity for our children…yet.

I remember when  I  worried about the influence of Barbie on my daughter. I wondered if she would be influenced by her body image, fashion choices and overall self-esteem if “the perfect one” predominated her childhood play. Well, I whole-heartedly believe I don’t have to worry about that anymore. My daughter has completely overlooked the over-sexualized doll that adults seem to be so concerned about, and instead applied her 6-year-old-inner-punk sensibilities in her approach to dressing her Barbies. She ditched the boot-cut jeans and stretch tops and went crazy with duct-tape and nailpolish... and then she wrote a song about it (warning: it's catchy). Wait a minute... should I be worried?

Hair, Hair, Hair Video

Animation by Danielle Ash >>


Things got really wild when we found patterned tape! Some Barbies went stylish and sported the current trends, others more haute-couture. And Ken? He went metro.



Make your own Barbie Tape Fashions

Join us in some fun! Here are some instructions on how to design clothes with duct tape to revamp your Barbie's style. Goth Barbie? Punk Barbie? Hipster Barbie? Show us what you've got!

FIND yourself a Barbie (or a Ken).

CHOOSE your favorite duct tape. The choices are endless - bold colors, animal print, patterned, regular or wool stocking.

DESIGN your outfit. You are designing clothes for Barbie, this is serious. Sketch on paper first, like the great fashion designers do, so that you know the look you are going for before you begin.

APPLY the tape! Depending on the width of the duct tape and your design, you may need to cut the tape down to a thinner or more shapely look. Be creative! Layer your patterns, add pops of color and take risks.

ACCESSORIZE your Barbie. Sure, clothes are great, but all outfits are enhanced by a little bracelet, anklet or head scarf.

HIT THE RUNWAY! Make sure your Barbie can move with ease and strike those poses needed to make a splash on the catwalk.

Here's what you will need:

• An old Barbie or Ken doll
• Patterned Duct Tape - Scotch Brand
Patterned Duct Tape - Platypus Designer Brand
• Patterned Duct Tape - Duck Tape Brand
Sketch Pad (optional)

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Recent Comments

Michelle said…

“Ken went metro?!” This is amazing. I’m heading to Target to buy some duct tape now and we are going to do this project over the weekend. I love it. My little Barbie-loving, budding artista is going to go nuts. I’ll post to Instagram and tag you after. We may even have a song to boot!

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