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Cemetery Fun?!

Cemetery Fun?!

- Tracey Stewart

There are things about myself that I never used to tell people until I knew someone well. For instance, when I find beautiful dead birds on the sidewalk or woods I put them in tiny wooden coffins and store them in my freezer with the plan of having them turned into taxidermy some day. The older I get the less I censor myself so I don't find it surprising that I don't get many rsvp's to my dinner party invites.

It appears that my daughter has not fallen very fall from the tree. There's a beautiful cemetery near our favorite breakfast spot with gravestones that date back to the 1800's. One of our Halloween traditions is that my daughter and I like to bring flowers and place them on the graves while we try to imagine who these people were and what kinds of lives they lived. It brings up all kinds of stories about history and family. While we're discussing everyone's lives we take pastels and tracing paper and do rubbings of the beautiful etchings from the gravestones carved many many years ago.

It's great fun whether your daughter is Wednesday Addams or not.


Want to make your own gravestone rubbings?

Here's what you will need: 

• A Gravestone
Crayons or oil pastels
Large pieces of paper, 11" x 17" or larger

FIND the right gravestone. Make sure to look for one with pretty details that will be covered by the size of your paper.

PLACE your paper over the gravestone.

CHOOSE the colors you want to use for your rubbings.

USE your crayons to shade across the paper and transfer the design. Be careful not to push too hard, just enough to see the print come through on paper.

NOTE: Use obvious care and respect when approaching the gravestones. You don't want to offend any living relatives of the deceased. 


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