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Make It! Cardboard Farm Sanctuary

Make It! Cardboard Farm Sanctuary

For some, the images of red barns and grazing farm animals is only ever seen on the packaging of grocery products. But for those of us who have been lucky enough to visit heaven (aka Farm Sanctuary, New York), we know this beauteous image to be true. At Farm Sanctuary, the rolling hills spread for miles and the large red barns are home to the happiest cows, pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks and sheep we've ever seen. Each individual animal's needs are cared for and all of them live happy lives amongst friends and relatives.

Unfortunately, however, not all farm animals get the opportunity to experience life in a red barn. In fact, the majority of our beloved farm animals are forced to live in horrific conditions on industrialized farms that provide no space to graze and meet none of their needs. In Do Unto Animals, Tracey speaks to all of these issues that make a farm animal unhappy, but shines a brighter light on the majestic animals themselves, particulary focusing on those that are lucky enough to be living the Farm Sanctuary life.

We encourage you to read about some of the Farm Sanctuary animals in Do Unto Animals and learn about the different things that make them happy. Find out why Sprinkles the pig lives in the perfect pig palace and why Hank the turkey is sporting a happy shaded-blue head. Once you've learned what makes all of the Farm Sanctuary animals happy, use your knowledge to care for some animals in a beautiful red barn of your own.

** More information on how to make a farm animal happy can be found in Do Unto Animals **


Standard cardboard box
Red acrylic paint
White masking tape
Acrylic felt: green, blue and brown
Box cutter 

1. CHOOSE a cardboard box that is the right size for your barn. TURN the box upside-down and REMOVE all side flaps, placing all spare cardboard to the side.

2. PAINT the box with red acrylic paint and allow to dry.

3. DRAW a square barn door on the front side of your barn. CUT along the top edge of your door and straight down the middle. This will create two stable doors. If you want your barn doors to open in quarters, cut horizontally across the doors.

4. USE the remaining cardboard pieces to create the roof of your barn and hold in place with strips of duct tape.

5. CUT windows into the side of your barn using your xacto knife. ADD white masking tape details around each window, and along the door and roof.

6. ADD outdoor features to your barn. Roll out green felt for grass. Cut out a patch of blue felt for a pond. Use brown felt to make a mud puddle. Glue these pieces in place on the grass or keep them as separate, moveable features. 

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