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A Cake Worth A Thousand Dollars

A Cake Worth A Thousand Dollars

A few weeks ago, animator Danielle Ash shared with us a fun animation she had been working on in a series known as the "Animated Cookbook". Her first animation in the series, with audio of a phone call between her and her mother about an old family story, inspired a gift-giving idea that just so happens to continue the tradition of sharing a very special and sought-after recipe.  A recipe that was at one point sold for a hefty price!



In our effort to help Danielle's Mom's friend's Aunt spread this deliciously expensive recipe to as many people as possible, we decided to turn it into the perfect holiday gift. A fun and original present that can be appreciated by the recipe holder as well as the lucky recipe taste-tester!

PRINT the recipe on our personalized recipe cards, along with a label template and package design, to decorate your craft box or bag. We chose charcoal cardstock and Ink Jet Sticker Paper to print our labels.

CHOOSE your favorite way to package. We found beautiful Weck Canning Jars to hold our ingredients air tight, but feel free to choose your own materials and get creative with your packaging.

FILL your jars with all of the ingredients needed to make the delicious Red Velvet Cake. Depending on how far you are travelling, you can opt to just include dry ingredients. 

GIVE your gift! Recipes have such sentimental value and cooking and eating with friends and family are (usually) one of the greatest joys of the holidays. So what better gift to give then the gift of food!

Happy Baking!



Learn more about the incredibly talented animator, and our December GIRL CRUSH, Danielle Ash Here >>

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