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Make It! Felted Butterfly Collection

Make It! Felted Butterfly Collection

Spring is all about growth and change. It's about coming out of hibernation or out of the cocoon. One of the most fascinating transformations in the insect world is the caterpillar to butterfly. Lately I've been watching Youtube videos on this metamorphosis with my daughter. No longer interested in before bed mommy-daughter-reading-time, she is now into "relaxing before sleep" with incredible science videos like this one that let's us get a close-up look into a Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing.

Inspired, we're creating our own felted butterfly collection. Once completed we will hang it in her room as more inspiration for relaxing bedtime or maybe use it to decorate her spring clothes!

Make your own felted butterflies

While needle felting is traditionally done with roving wool, we encourage you to look into using non-animal fibres for this craft if possible. The treatment of sheep by the wool industry is extremely cruel and quite unnecessary when you consider how many amazing alternatives to sheeps wool are available these days. Bamboo fiber is one example of a plant-based fiber that has proven to work easily with great results when needle felting. Click here for a great Vegan Roving "Wool."



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