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Block Print Beach Bag

Block Print Beach Bag

Designing your own tote bag can be fun, easy and make for a beautiful and personal gift. Our fish and coral template is perfect for decorating your very own beach bag, but follow our instructions on making stamps and you will be able to design a bag for any occasion you choose.

what you need:

Sticky Foam Sheets

Fish and Coral Template

Stamp Blocks


X-acto Blade

Ball Point Pen


Fabric Paint


Tote Bag




PRINT the fish and coral template and CUT the shapes out.

TRACE the shape you want onto a piece of sticky foam using your pen.

CAREFULLY CUT the foam shape out using scissors or an x-acto blade.

FIND a stamp block that will fit your shape.

PEEL the paper off the back of the sticky foam.

STICK the foam shape onto the center of your stamp block. Be sure that you are sticking your shape down the correct way and not back to front. Test turning it over as a stamp before sticking it down, to make sure that the shape doesn't come out backwards when stamped.

decorating your tote

INSERT a piece of cardboard inside your tote bag making sure it's nice and smooth.

PAINT the foam shape on your stamp with the desired color of fabric paint.

USE a sponge to apply paint to your stamp if you are after a more textured effect.

TURN your stamp over onto the tote bag.

PRESS the stamp down onto your bag - PRESS firmly to ensure all areas of the stamp print onto your tote bag evenly.

WIPE your stamp clean before using it again with another color.

ALLOW the paint on your bag to dry thoroughly before using/washing it. Follow the instructions on the fabric paint bottle - it generally needs a good 24 - 48 hours to dry completely and become washer friendly.



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