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The Honest Company: Bed, Bath & Beyond

The Honest Company: Bed, Bath & Beyond

- By Tracey Stewart

I am a bath-aholic. I love everything about my baths: My scrubs, my lotions, my candles, my towels, robe, slippers and my music. For me the ritual can’t last long enough. My kids? Ehhh... not so much.

I remember planning my newborn son’s bath before he was even born: the playlists, the laughs, the reminiscing with his first girlfriend about how the boy, like his mom, just loved his bathing ritual. Of course, back then I made playlists for many magical parenting moments (because there was time). I created the “Counting Sheep with Mom” playlist, the “Enjoying a Healthy Meal” playlist, and my favorite, the “Just Calmly Listening to Music Together While I Read a Book” playlist.

I’ll never forget the first time I played my bath-time compilation for my son - a mix of Sigur Ros meets Iron & Wine. As I placed him in the tub, the music that had always seemed so soothing was (post-baby) suddenly reminiscent of the screeching background music of a horror film. The horror film my son most likely felt he was living by being lowered into a giant tub of water, unable to keep himself afloat without the help of a large sponge mattress. This, after only moments earlier being torn away from an engaging session of peacefully oogling the lights on his bouncy seat. We cried many tears together (which was not a playlist I had anticipated needing, either).

Who knew that the majority of children, at bath time, share a cat-like hatred with water? My playlist needed to be revised. Bath time was going to have to be just as much fun as non-bath time. Happy, playful music was the order for the day, and so my playlist got an overhaul and began to sound a little something like this:


Eventually, bath time returned to being enjoyable and relaxing… That is until I started to worry there could be something life-threatening in their bath products, slowly killing them. Ahh!!! Now I need a bath!

Enter The Honest Company. If you don’t want to worry about harmful chemicals in your kid’s bath products, we recommend you give these products a try. We have sniffed them all and think they are so yummy - we even hesitate to share them with the kids just yet!

Co-founder, Jessica Alba, has a new book out this week: The Honest Life. It focuses on healthy eating, parenting and living, with a separate section filled with bath time suggestions. Our favorite tip? De-gunking your bath toys in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts hot water solution: they get as shiny (and clean) as new! Or better yet, avoid the well-known rubber duckies and plastic toys, made using harmful materials, and instead give your children some bowls and spoons made out of safer silicone or plastic. Apparently, the kids are far too preoccupied by splashing and scooping water to notice that you are scrubbing them clean one at a time!

Now, with a fresh and happy playlist and healthy bath-time products, it's time to get back in the tub and enjoy!


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