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Simple Pistachio Art

Simple Pistachio Art

This weekend my daughter and I were enjoying a handful of pistachios which later turned into many handfuls of pistachios. My daughter began to stare intensely at the pile of shells we had created and then announced excitedly, “These shells are shaped like petals! Let’s make flowers out of them!" So, we gathered paper scraps, crayons & colored pencils, glue and got started.

NOTE: In the fall, try this with all of your extra pumpkin seeds!

- By Tracey Stewart

We made this simple image using scrap paper, pistachio shells, crayons and glue. You could also use walnut shells, sea shells and paint. Your kitchen cabinet holds a bounty of creative possibilities! After creating one masterpiece, we didn't want to stop there (and we certainly didn't want to stop eating pistachios)!

I said we could draw a silhouette of a heart and fill it with shells. We got to work. Using a pencil, draw your desired shape on black paper. Then fill the shape with glue (elmer's or mod podge work the best) spreading it with a brush, q-tip or even your finger! Then, simply fill in your heart with shells!

Voila! Another masterpiece! Before we knew it, two hours had passed and we had such a wonderful time. Easy Peasy!
Tip: both of these projects look great in a shadow-box style frame.

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