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Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags

Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags

Choose your gift! We have so many gift ideas on our gift guide for animal lovers. All they need is a cute gift tag!

These gift tags are simple and easy to make. We're sure they will go well with any gift you give, and be appreciated by anyone you're giving to.

TIP: You can use these gift tags when donating to a shelter, too. Simply select a cat tag or a dog tag depending on what you're donating and who you are donating to.



Dog Gift Tag Template
Cat Gift Tag Template
Single Hole Punch
Colored Yarn


PRINT both the dog and cat gift tag templates.

CUT each tag separately by following the outlined borders.

PUNCH one hole in the top corner of your tag.

THREAD a piece of twine through the hole and TIE a knot to secure it in place. This twine will attach your tag to the gift.

PUNCH two holes next to one another just below the head of your silhouette animal.

Punch the holes horizontally next to eachother, not vertically on top of eachother!

CUT a small piece of yarn approximately 5 inches long.

PUSH one end of your yarn through the first hole and PULL it back up through the second hole.

Be sure that the two loose ends of your yarn are on the image side of your tag.

TIE your yarn together to make a bow along the animal's neck.





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