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A Valentine’s Tradition

A Valentine’s Tradition

- By Tracey Stewart

My friend Victoria has a wonderful tradition with her family. When they go to the beach the whole family goes on a walk looking for stones shaped like hearts. They display the stones throughout their home and  each family member keeps one on their person wherever they go. So many times we overcomplicate and overthink time spent with the family. I love the simplicity of this and the tradition that results.

You could take this project to the next level by photographing your collection. Take a picture of all your hearts together, or photograph each one separately on different surfaces throughout your home. Print, frame and voila! You have a lovely piece of art for your favorite room, or the perfect gift for a special friend!

I've found that the gift of a heart shaped stone is the perfect gift for my loved ones on Valentine's Day. Most years I see myself as a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to Valentine's Day. I prefer to do "Valentine-sy" things throughout the year because I'm inspired to, not because I feel I have to. This was, however, until I got inspired by my friend Keith Recker’s magazine, HAND/EYE. Keith's magazine is aimed at showcasing skilled artisans in the hope of creating new markets and educating the consuming public about the cultural and economic importance of their work.

With February's weather being non-conducive to beach stone searching, I give each of my valentine's a heart-shaped stone carved by Haitian artists (sold through Tesoros Trading) and I make a donation in their name to the HAND/EYE Fund. My hand-carved heart stones are so well received that I continue to give them as gifts throughout the year just to spread the love. I keep one on my desk to remind me of what's important when I'm fretting over the small, everyday stuff.

Love, love, love.

Read more about the HAND/EYE Fund and MY Hearts from Haiti here >>

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domonique | the simple proof said…

I love this!  We had a magical hike in Sedona last spring where we found so many rocks shaped like hearts it was amazing.  Love is all around!

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