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A Treasure Worth Hunting For

A Treasure Worth Hunting For

- Lisel Ashlock

Deep in the depths of our magical Moomah Cafe offices, we were constantly looking for new sources of creative inspiration. Our desks were littered with many of the things you might expect in such a den of imagination: pages torn from old National Geographics, strings of die-cut giraffes and foxes, scattered scraps of old fabric, pinecones and shells, tufts of moss, the drawings and crayoned notes from our littlest customers tacked to every bulletin board, and of course PILES of books. Some of the books and magazines were only used once, but others became permanent resources as we dreamed up ways to provide wonder for our kids.

One of our very favorite series of books that we had on constant rotation was The Golden Book Encyclopedia of Natural Science, from 1962, an Ebay goldmine. A series of 16 volumes, this reservoir of information details 6,000 kinds of plants, animals and natural objects, 5,000 of which are accompanied by beautiful full color drawings and graphics. We can’t get enough of the impeccably detailed diagrams, lovely animal illustrations, and lush color plates. A visual treasure that keeps on giving!

The introduction is inscribed: “The natural world is our heritage, and this series was written for all those who want to understand and enjoy the world of nature.” Hey, that’s us!

From “Archaeopteryx, (the oldest fossil birds) to Zeolites (a large group of silicate minerals found in cavities of igneous rocks), we’re sure these books will be an endless source of inspiration for your art projects, stories and inventions; We know they will inspire your family as they continue to inspire ours.

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