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Animals transform our lives. Inspired by them we are often capable of great accomplishments. Other times we make mistakes with the best intentions in mind. The more we learn the better we can do.We’re eager to hear your stories, your triumphs and your mistakes so that we can all be inspired to do better unto animals. When we learn more we love more and we love better. 

christine haslet Story Submission

christine haslet, san diego, california

My hubby and I started a non profit dog rescue to save the most forgotten and desperate dogs of Southern California. When we relocated to San Diego from Seattle in 2006, we had no idea of the magnitude of the problem until we saw it first hand.
Since 2011, when we started our rescue "Lucky Pup Dog Rescue" we've saved almost 200 dogs, created an incredible team of volunteers and help to make so many more people aware of the problem. We can't save all the dogs, but we can save a lot, and we can teach people about spay/neuter and not buying from puppy mills. It's been a blessing to be able to do this work! We love it, even when it's difficult, heartbreaking, exhilarating, frustrating all in the very same moment. When you look into the eyes of dogs life you've saved, you know you are the lucky one!
Glenn Jones Story Submission

Glenn Jones, Red Bank, NJ

Each year millions of fish are raised in government run fish hatcheries and released in our streams, ponds, and rivers. This is bad environmental policy and causes needless pain to fish for sport, not food. "Catch and release" fishing is a nice idea but does no good for the fish that are caught. Many die anyway from the stress of the fight, if not the physical injury being hooked causes.

I decided to try and do something about this with I fish without hooks and have a lot of fun doing it. There is a pond in Red Bank that I KindFish, Schwenker's Pond. Carp, bluegills, and bass are among the species that live there. KindFishing requires the same skill and patience as hook fishing, but leaves the fish unharmed. In fact, it gives you the chance to better study and relate to them. I have gotten some funny looks from other fisherfolk, but I think when I explain to them why I KindFish and the fun and unique relationship with aquatic life that KindFishing brings, some at least start thinking about trying it themselves.

Many fishermen talk about how beautiful fish are. I agree and that is one reason I choose not to harm them when I go fishing. If you want to KindFish, just clip off the hook of your lures and trout flies. Fish will mouth the lure, give you a tug, and then move on. It's magical, especially when you see the same fish come back to you again and again.
Gracie The Cow

Claudia Konkus , Severna Park, Maryland

My son was in 4H. He was young, 14 years old, when he got his first cow. She was a Hereford baby. He raised her from her wild stage into a trusting and beautiful animal. I became aware of the depth of her emotions when I watched them together. She has a sense of humor, can be moody and likes companionship. Her name is Gracie. I stopped eating beef.
At the same time the kids had a club pig named Penny Sue. She delivered every year, for three years in a row, little piglets. The kids loved the piglets, of course, and as soon as they were weaned, they forgot about Penny and only took care of the piglets. My son and I started to get really close to this magnificent, beautiful sow. We used to play tag with her and she loved being brushed. I stopped eating pork. The kids raised Thanksgiving turkeys and my son was at that time the oldest member of the club and therefor in charge of killing and dressing the turkeys. I stopped eating fowl.
4H is a place where kids learn the joys of raising and caring for animals. And after they care for them and love them they will have their heart broken, sending them to slaughter. To see this happening year after year, to see these little children in tears while they say good buy to their friend is cruel and evil and abuse. Sadly, despite our fight and desperate pleas, Penny the pig was killed by vote of the club. My son immediately stepped down from his presidency and we left. I am happy to say though that Gracie the cow is doing well. We bought a farm just for her.
Philadelphia Pet Expo

Paige Ozaroski Haedo, Haddonfield, New Jersey

My transformative moment was at the greater Philadelphia Pet Expo in January 2012. There was a little petting zoo. I saw an absolutely beautiful turkey. As I got closer, I read a sign they had posted that gave some information about the turkey. It said he was afraid of hats - people wearing hats. It was at that very moment that everything changed. For some reason, seeing that in writing right next to this beautiful creature - it really struck me. How could someone kill this beautiful animal? He has feelings and fears, just like us. At that very moment, I turned to my husband and told him I just became a vegetarian. Right then, that very second. Almost 4 years later, I have not had meat or any type of meat product. One of the best decisions I ever made.
Changing minds… and diets!

Stacy, Gonzales, Texas

After reading Do Unto Animals the family is going to try moving from the Paleo lifestyle to the WFPB (whole foods plant based.) This book has been life changing for my family. While not everyone is 100% on board with a vegan lifestyle, we have made small changes as a family to include more vegetarian meals each week.

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