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  • Sneaky Relaxation Sneaky Relaxation

    Sometimes when I come home exhausted from a long day I find it very beneficial for my kids and me to play “Pretend Spa.” They’re having a blast and I’m getting a free backrub. Mwa Ha Ha. I discovered this game when my daughter was ready to drop her nap but still needed some down time in the afternoon.


  • Healthy Child Healthy World: Natural Cleaners Healthy Child Healthy World: Natural Cleaners

    We often use cleaning products that we find in our local store as they are easy to find, cheap, and they make our domestic lives easier. However, some of these chemical-based products can come with high costs to the health of our families and our environment. There are growing numbers of natural cleaning products now available in stores but in the end it might be just as easy to make some ourselves.

  • Kids and Charity Kids and Charity

    I'm not saying that my kids are the greatest kids in the world (even if that is what I believe), but I will say that I am so proud of the kind of human beings they are becoming. They really do think of others... even though they don't think of me when I'm tired and I don't want to get up off the couch and get them a drink that they can't reach.

  • Stand Up For Girls Big and Small Stand Up For Girls Big and Small

    During the lead-up to having my first child, I asked lots and lots of questions. I wanted to hit the ground running as an excellent mom. At the time, I didn’t know any new moms, so I asked the old timers. “Don’t worry, you’ll know exactly what to do,” they told me. Well, that was a big fat lie! Perhaps in the same way we forget the pain of childbirth, we forget how difficult every stage of parenting is as we pass into the next phase of difficulty. Either that or these more experienced moms were trying not to freak me out…

  • The Sex Talk The Sex Talk

    My girlfriends and I were enjoying a glorious fit of laughter whilst looking through the book Mummy Laid An Egg by Babette Cole, before an abrupt and awkward silence fell upon us. The children's book is designed to help explain where babies come from (the illustrations of how Mommy and Daddy connect their parts are especially entertaining). The laughs were hardy until we all realized; we were going to have to broach this subject matter with our own kids, as the uncomfortable questions were coming on fast and furious.

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