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  • (Don’t) Be Prepared (Don’t) Be Prepared

    I was discussing a very bad habit of mine to my dear friend Dr. Anne Marie Albano, the Director of the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders:
    “Late at night, when I can’t sleep, I log onto news websites and find that no matter how hard I try not to, I click on the most horrifying and salacious stories. I always regret doing it, but again and again I repeat the pattern.”
    “Ah,” said Dr. Albano, “that’s your threat bias kicking in.”
    “My what kicking in?”

  • Winning the Battle Against Ugly Toys Winning the Battle Against Ugly Toys

    I used to have an apartment that was nicely designed, comfortable and sparse. Then I had children. I tried to fight the takeover. I bought the tasteful stylish bouncy seat with its simple canvas cover, devoid of any hideous bells and whistles, but the boy just cried when I placed him in it. So, inevitably, I gave in to the electric neon bouncy seat with the gaudy arch festooned with ducks… ducks that lit up. I can still hear the horrible, horrible song it played. The boy loved it. Despite it being butt ugly, I loved it. It brought

  • Dream Journal: Helping your Kids to Fall Asleep Peacefully Dream Journal: Helping your Kids to Fall Asleep Peacefully

    When one of my kids started getting worried about monsters right before bedtime, Dr. Anne Marie Albano suggested I create a dream journal for both my kids. The project has spawned peaceful evenings, a family tradition and a treasured keepsake. You can start with any notebook, and it’s nice to have your child decorate the cover...

  • The Magical Dixie Cup The Magical Dixie Cup

    There are moments in my life of which I’m not proud. Moments when, in order to get my kids to peacefully comply with my wishes, I’ve bribed them with expensive gifts: “Sweetie if you stay in bed all night and allow me to return to sleeping with Daddy, I’ll get you an I-Pod Touch.” Yes I know better, but I did it. I did it because I was desperate! Go ahead and judge, but by god it worked!

  • Sonogram Silhouette Project Sonogram Silhouette Project

    By the time the first precious sonogram image of my son was handed to me I had already endured two years of trying to get pregnant, a miscarriage and two failed IVF treatments. I clung to this flimsy sheet of paper with its meager outline of my son’s sweet head and stared at it every chance I got.

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