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  • Talking To Your Kids Talking To Your Kids

    This past week we were unfortunate enough to witness yet another senseless and horrific event, this time in Newtown, Connecticut. When any tragic event occurs, parents are often left feeling many different emotions and struggling to know and understand the best way to react when having to face the conversation about such events with their own children. Should they talk about it or is it best to avoid the topic all together?

  • You Are Mom Enough! You Are Mom Enough!

    As if parents weren’t already hard enough on themselves following recent media headlines over working versus non-working mothers, Tiger Moms and French parents-superiority, TIME magazine’s contentious headline asked us, “Are you mom enough?” The article focused mostly on attachment parenting. Not a new topic, or one that is particularly newsworthy for that matter. But thanks in great part to the provocative cover of a model-like mom in skinny jeans, breastfeeding what looked like a 1st grader and the polarizing title, the parent community reacted.

  • After the Storm After the Storm

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy many families are dealing with loss of their homes and all their personal belongings. Others still do not have electricity, heat or hot water and are worrying day to day about how to keep warm, to eat, and be safe. You’ve seen the news reports and photos that show their struggles and cries for help. You’ve seen them, and so have your children. And so, the questions begin: “Mom, what’s going to happen to those people?” “Dad, are we going to lose our house?” “Are the children able to go to school?” “I would cry every day if my house was flooded.”

  • Don’t Be Shy Don’t Be Shy

    I had been willfully putting off a conversation with my kids. They were 5 and 6 years old, and to them the world was a safe and magical place full of opportunities for adventure and discovery. Sure, there were the occasional nightmares about Darth Vader or Malificent, but Mommy was always able to wipe away their tears and assure them that those terrible characters were only born of a writer’s imagination

  • Poker Chips: The Sexier Sticker Chart Poker Chips: The Sexier Sticker Chart

    Last month my kid’s sass was on the rise. Normally in these moments I pull out my handy dandy sticker chart and reign everyone back in. This time however, I was hearing a lot of, “I don’t care about stickers!”, “Stickers don’t have any value to me!” Uh oh, they were growing up and becoming savvy to my manipulations. I was either going to have to figure out a way to convince them of the value of a scratch-n-sniff banana, or I was going to have to start from scratch.


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