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  • Camping With Kids Camping With Kids

    When the summer season is upon us, it seems as though there are many families who decide that the perfect weekend get-a-way includes a tent, a sleeping bag, and a campground. While this isn't exactly our idea of a holiday, a few *brave families we know have been there, done that and lived to tell the tale. They even stuck around to give other brave aspiring campers some tips for doing it right.

  • You and Your Anxious Child You and Your Anxious Child

    If I had to name the book that has had the greatest impact on me as a parent, it would hands down be, You and Your Anxious Child by Dr. Anne Marie Albano. I’ve been lucky enough to work one on one with Dr. Anne Marie, and am so glad that her wealth of knowledge is now available to all.

  • Who’s The Boss Of The House? Who’s The Boss Of The House?

    Is it just me or were we much better behaved when we were kids? When my parents told me do something, I did it immediately and without talking back. Just the idea of disobeying my parents--and suffering the punishment that was to follow--was enough to keep me in line. So why do so many parents struggle with their children not listening? Is there an epidemic among today's children?

  • Too Shy for Playdates Too Shy for Playdates

    With big blue eyes, a mop of curly blonde hair, and a wide smile, Matthew was his mother’s delight! Quiet, sweet, and sensitive, he was a toddler who loved to cuddle with his parents, and played quietly by himself whenever mom needed time alone to work. Though at first he clung to his mom’s leg with tears flowing when he was left at preschool for the first time, he quietly went in day after day. According to the teacher, he settled in and began to play with blocks, books and crafts. However, he was always playing alone.

  • The Modern Village: Lisa Duggan The Modern Village: Lisa Duggan

    So much has changed since the days when our parents were raising us. One irrefutable difference is the way we get our information, where we find support and how we communicate with one another, or rather with one another’s devices. Today, parents often express feeling isolated and disconnected from any sort of meaningful community. Lisa Duggan, founder of The MotherHood Magazine and The Modern Village, seems to think that this may be due to the change in parenting roles.

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