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  • Start the School Year by Giving Start the School Year by Giving

    Going back to school is often something kids, and even parents, take for granted. School is an expected part of life; a place that we must attend in order to learn and gain the skills needed to move forward in the world. However, while this may be the case in many of our communities, it is not necessarily true nation-wide and certainly not worldwide.

  • 10 Ways to Minimize back-to-school anxiety 10 Ways to Minimize back-to-school anxiety

    Summer is quickly fading away as ads for school supplies are bombarding us from every angle and families are clinging to the last vestiges of vacation. Most children are now counting the days to the start of school. Hopefully, the countdown is increasing their enthusiasm for seeing friends, meeting the teachers, and settling into a year of learning and maturing. But, as every parent knows, getting your child settled into the routines of the new school year can be a bumpy transition after three months of summer fun.

  • Helping Kids Transition to a New Schedule Helping Kids Transition to a New Schedule

    Every now and then amidst endless rounds of trial and error I have a moment of brilliance that makes my life as a mother profoundly easier. My kids have trouble transitioning. Playtime to bedtime, indoor to outdoor, blue shirt to slightly less blue shirt. No change is too incremental to cause monumental fussery.

  • The Family Necklace Project The Family Necklace Project

    When it’s time for my kids to go back to school, they often get anxious about the transition. To help ease this anxiety, we make a very special family necklace together. It’s also a great project for kids nervous about going to summer camp or anywhere else that’s out of their comfort zone. We take a photo of each family member (including our two adorable dogs and our fish Santa, of course). We glue the pictures onto tags made of oak tag and then cover

  • Sending Off A Happy Camper Sending Off A Happy Camper

    What do you remember about your childhood summers? Ice pops, sandlots, fireworks, lanyards, suntan lotion, fireflies, barbeques, swimming, and the name of your first camp counselor? Do you long for those long light-filled days when you spent most of your time swimming in the neighbor’s pool or camping in the back yard? This is the time of year when time becomes unstructured-- the bells and rules of school are no longer, and kids are free to roam, play and connect with each other independently. For many kids, much of this independent socializing happens at summer camp.

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