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  • Teaching Empathy Teaching Empathy

    To us at the National Museum of Animals & Society, the first museum dedicated to exploring the human-animal bond and nurturing society’s compassion for animals, humane kid lit is a powerful gizmo in a parent’s or educator’s toolbox.

  • Teaching the Golden Rule Teaching the Golden Rule

    As a parent I love when I find opportunities that help illustrate the beauty of “The Golden Rule.” It’s for this reason that I love the book, “Fill A Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for the Young Child” by Carol McCloud, Katherine Martin & David Messing. I designed a craft project to do with my kids that I thought was a nice complement to the book. It was really sweet to see how excited my kids got about the idea of sharing love, and watching them hand out their hearts to their loved ones ...

  • Enjoy Dining Out with Your Kids Enjoy Dining Out with Your Kids

    I love dining out with my young children… at the same table! If reading this sentence makes you mad or despondent, read on...

  • The “I Tease Because I Love” Game The “I Tease Because I Love” Game

    Whenever my extended family gets together, we always find ourselves in hilarious fits of laughter, brought on by telling embarrassing stories of everyone’s past…the time my dad had to take a run into the woods on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner after consuming too much mince pie, the time my dad continued a drawn out conversation with a neighbor even though he had stabbed his foot with a pitchfork but was too embarrassed to let the neighbor know, the time my dad fell into

  • Sing Away the Flu Sing Away the Flu

    Why is getting my kids to wash their hands harder than getting them to lose their pacifier, bottle or diaper? At Moomah Cafe, we employed a method that parents consistently told us they appreciated.


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