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Make Nice Mission
  • Make Nice Mission: Recycle Redux Round-up Make Nice Mission: Recycle Redux Round-up

    Hotter weather means less rainfall, leaving crops without enough water to grow, trees and plants to die off, sea levels to rise and the coast to erode. Because of all these potential problems, it's really important that we conserve as many natural resources in any way possible. The students at HEART attempt to conserve one natural resource in particular: trees. They spend some time brainstorming ways to use less paper in the classrooms in order to minimize the amount of trees cut down each year. The paper they've already collected is recycled and reused for crafts and other activities.

  • Make Nice Mission The Web Of Life Make Nice Mission The Web Of Life

    A few months ago we started a project where we took classic children’s books and recycled them into art projects to display in our homes. One book that we loved too much to let sit and collect dust was The Little Island, by Margaret Wise Brown. When we sat down with the ladies at HEART and discussed their K-3 Environmental Ethics program, we were pleasantly surprised to see that they also had a soft spot for the classic book and had featured it in a lesson to teach their students about the Web of Life.

  • Make Nice Mission: Earth Day Make Nice Mission: Earth Day

    Earth Day is April 22. Students in the H.E.A.R.T. program partake in the Eco-bag Program which teaches them about the waste we produce in our world, particularly those nasty plastic bags. They create eco-bags to reduce the use of plastic bags.

  • Make Nice Mission: In The Garden Scavenger Hunt Make Nice Mission: In The Garden Scavenger Hunt

    A garden is one of the most spectacular places to visit. Every section has something beautiful to see, something interesting to smell, something delicious to taste, something new to touch and something amazing to hear. One of the first activities the students do as part of the Edible Schoolyard program is take a five senses tour of the garden. They explore the different sections, learning where crops grow, where tools are kept, what areas are shady and what areas are hot, and so much more. The tour is a fun way for the students to learn their way around as for many of them, this is their first ever experience in an edible garden.

  • Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser

    Right now the Edible Schoolyard NYC is trying to raise funds to fulfill their vision of establishing a Showcase School in each of the five boroughs in the city. You and your kids could help them a great deal by spreading the word about healthy eating habits and home-grown gardens, through a simple front yard sale! Sure you could sell cupcakes (who doesn’t love a good cupcake) but why not stay on message by selling some of these seeds and pots. Get creative but most importantly have fun!

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