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  • How Can We Help Elephants? How Can We Help Elephants?

    Taegan Yardley is not alone in her efforts to save elephants. There are many good people out there doing their best to protect these beautiful animals, and you can be one of them. It's easy! Partake in one or more of the FOUR ideas below and you can feel good about doing your part.

  • Susie and Simon’s Top 10 Tips For Helping Seniors Susie and Simon’s Top 10 Tips For Helping Seniors

    Susie and Simon are thankful to their parents for expanding their loving family, but understand that not everyone is able to do the same. They're here to give us their top ten tips for helping seniors this holiday season (and any time of year!!!), whether you're able to bring a pet home or not.

  • Hearts from Haiti Hearts from Haiti

    The goal of “Million Hearts for Haiti” is to sell 1 million hearts, and by doing so to raise $1 million for the HAND/EYE Fund Artisans Grants for Haiti program.

  • Animal Friendly Gift Guide Animal Friendly Gift Guide

    It's holiday season and we're dedicating it to our animal lovers, vegan advocates, and our animals themselves. Every item on our Animal Friendly Gift Guide helps to support an organization that gives back to our animals, stands up for animal rights, is vegan, cruelty free or eco-friendly, or helps our wider community in some specific way.

  • Susie’s Senior Dogs Susie’s Senior Dogs

    What has four legs, a wispy Mohawk that flows in the wind, fifteen years of wisdom, and a non-profit organization to save the lives of her pawed pals? There is only one majestic creature that could be all of that and more, her name is Susie.

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