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  • The Edible Schoolyard NYC The Edible Schoolyard NYC

    We all get asked all the time to help make a difference by making a donation, volunteering our time, or helping to spread the word for worthy causes. Finding the time and figuring out where to put your energy is never easy. Over a year ago, I had the privilege of hearing philosopher Vandana Shiva give a presentation about her environmental work. She spoke about how our issues with food were at the root of all our world problems. She truly inspired me. The time to act was now! Of course "now" meant a year later for me. I still hadn't even been able to remember to pack my kid's lunches on field trip days. I didn’t have time to go undercover, join marches, visit third world countries or tie myself to trees. How was I going to make a difference? The Edible Schoolyard NYC came to my rescue. Fortunately beyond helping me, they help thousands of wonderful little bundles of need everyday!

  • Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser

    Right now the Edible Schoolyard NYC is trying to raise funds to fulfill their vision of establishing a Showcase School in each of the five boroughs in the city. You and your kids could help them a great deal by spreading the word about healthy eating habits and home-grown gardens, through a simple front yard sale! Sure you could sell cupcakes (who doesn’t love a good cupcake) but why not stay on message by selling some of these seeds and pots. Get creative but most importantly have fun!

  • 826 National 826 National

    One of the best things about creating content for Moomah the Magazine, is that we get to approach learning and exploration through beauty, humor and curiosity. When developing stories, we take into consideration not only what parents are looking for, but also what children respond to. We are constantly making an effort to push our own creative minds, staying as silly and whimsical as our young reader in order to engage them. Our Imagination Issue is about just that: exploring imagination through different forms of art and writing, whether it's comic-book creating, animation, make-believe, or storytelling.

  • Kids and Charity Kids and Charity

    I'm not saying that my kids are the greatest kids in the world (even if that is what I believe), but I will say that I am so proud of the kind of human beings they are becoming. They really do think of others... even though they don't think of me when I'm tired and I don't want to get up off the couch and get them a drink that they can't reach.

  • Woodstock FARM Animal Sanctuary: Meet The Animals Woodstock FARM Animal Sanctuary: Meet The Animals

    Located in New York, the animals that live at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, are rescues that were taken in after mistreatment at other farms, stock houses or slaughterhouses. They are given shelter, food and veterinary care in a natural and safe environment. The animals all have their own unique personalities and stories to learn from.

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