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  • The Edible Schoolyard NYC The Edible Schoolyard NYC

    We all get asked all the time to help make a difference by making a donation, volunteering our time, or helping to spread the word for worthy causes. Finding the time and figuring out where to put your energy is never easy. Over a year ago, I had the privilege of hearing philosopher Vandana Shiva give a presentation about her environmental work. She spoke about how our issues with food were at the root of all our world problems. She truly inspired me. The time to act was now! Of course "now" meant a year later for me. I still hadn't even been able to remember to pack my kid's lunches on field trip days. I didn’t have time to go undercover, join marches, visit third world countries or tie myself to trees. How was I going to make a difference? The Edible Schoolyard NYC came to my rescue. Fortunately beyond helping me, they help thousands of wonderful little bundles of need everyday!

  • Make Nice Mission: Day In The Life Of A Worm Make Nice Mission: Day In The Life Of A Worm

    There are some little creatures that work very hard to keep our gardens healthy. These guys and their relatives do an incredible amount of work in the garden: they move soil, they get rid of garbage, they make fertilizer, they help air get to plant roots... so many things! Can you guess who they are?

  • Make Nice Mission: Vegetable Dye Make Nice Mission: Vegetable Dye

    When we took our tour of the Edible Schoolyard garden, our guide Bailey told us about a fun activity she likes to do with Amaranth. Once a staple crop for the Aztec people in Mexico, amaranth is a beautiful flower that blossoms in the summer and fall. Though the flowers are beautiful themselves, the amaranth grains can also be toasted (much like popcorn) and mixed with honey, molasses or chocolate to make a treat called Alegría, meaning "happiness." But the students at P.S. 216 use their amaranth from the garden in a different way.

  • Schoolyard Farming: The HSPS Youth Farm Schoolyard Farming: The HSPS Youth Farm

    Last week, we had the pleasure of spending our morning at bk farmyards' HSPS Youth Farm - a local community farm built within the walls of a public high school in the heart of Brooklyn. Stretching across one acre of land and nestled in the midst of a congested city neighborhood, from the moment we walked through the gates and among the crops we felt an instant connection to the earth, despite being surrounded by city high-rises. We were given a pair of gloves and some pruning clippers to do a little harvesting while we had a chat with some of the staff and volunteers at the farm, and sit in on a class hard at work.

  • Make It! The Perfect Bouquet Make It! The Perfect Bouquet

    With the season in full effect and the flowers beginning to bloom, we spent the day with our friend Doan Ly, Lead Floral Designer at Sprout Home, who taught us a few tips on arranging a bouquet and how to work flowers like a professional. Sprout Home, with locations in both Williamsburg and Chicago, was designed to combine both concepts of design and flora, in a way that allows urban gardeners to arrange their homes and their gardens in a modern way.

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