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  • A Vase for Every Bloom A Vase for Every Bloom

    In your home you have more vases than you may realize. Mugs, teacups, pitchers, carafes, champagne flutes and mason jars are all everyday kitchen wares that can be used multi-purposely. If you choose to look further, more vases can exist in recycled goods.

  • Part Two: Transplanting Your Seedlings Part Two: Transplanting Your Seedlings

    Starting plants from seed is an empowering experience. Watching as the plants emerge and grow can be especially fulfilling if these plants are something you will eventually eat. Like any baby, our little seeds grow up and become too big for their original home. However, it would be shocking to take new seedlings out of their cozy indoor environment and throw them in the ground straight away. Before they hit the outside world, they must first be acclimatized.

  • TOOLBOX: Basic Floral Centerpiece TOOLBOX: Basic Floral Centerpiece

    Our Flower Arranging Toolbox continues with floral centerpieces. Once again, the amazing Doan Ly, Lead Floral Designer of Sprout Home in Brooklyn (and Chicago) takes us step by step through creating beautiful floral centerpieces, perfect for a dining room table, kitchen window, beside dresser, or anywhere that needs a little brightening up.

  • Starting From Seed Starting From Seed

    There is nothing more exciting then catching a glimpse of the first green of the season. After staring at those sad leafless trees and the dull grass patches overridden with soil for so many months, that small amount of color is the source of instant joy. If you want to get a head start on the growing season, teach your children the beauty of natural growth, and experience greenery in your own home, try planting from seed.

  • TOOLBOX: Flower Arranging TOOLBOX: Flower Arranging

    Making the perfect bouquet is truly a mysterious art. An art we desperately wanted to master, or if not master, at least understand and attempt. We knew we needed the best of the best to help us, so we hunted down the talented Doan Ly, Lead Floral Designer of Sprout Home in Brooklyn (and Chicago). In this Toolbox, she takes us step by step through creating a beautiful hand-held bouquet, and drops some tips as she goes.

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