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  • What If Santa Has Celiac? What If Santa Has Celiac?

    Last year I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I've been amazed at how many people I've encountered with the same or similar affliction. If you hang out in the gluten-free section of the supermarket you'll make lots of friends. Everyone's eager to share in this community and it's one of the nicer aspects of the disease.

  • 2012 Gift Guide 2012 Gift Guide

    Moomah the Magazine's gift guide for this 2012 holiday season.

  • Homemade Holiday Cards Homemade Holiday Cards

    Let’s be honest, as children we never cared about the cards that came with our presents (unless they had money in them mwa ha ha). Mom and Dad trained us to spend a convincing amount of time pretending to read the cards and then to say in our sweetest voices, “ah thank you!” But once this charade was complete, we violently tore apart the wrapping paper to get to the gift already.

  • Easy, Beautiful Ornament Making Easy, Beautiful Ornament Making

    Every bodega, corner store and nursery have simple December greens at this time of year begging to be picked up and decorated with. Sadly, I'm never the one to buy them. Every December I leave New York and go home to California, so while everyone is out picking their trees and making homemade ornaments I go home to a festive-less apartment. Walking home past the little...

  • We Love Tage Andersen We Love Tage Andersen

    I really, really love hosting holiday dinners, mainly because I don't have to leave my own home. If my husband didn't spend some time as a short-order cook I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do. He keeps the biscuits from burning and the turkey from getting dry. I am left to drink wine and decorate the table. This year I've fallen in love with the sculptor, designer, florist and all out Renaissance man, Tage Andersen. Creative and beautiful beyond belief, it may be over the top to attempt a replica of one of his grand masterpieces, but hey,

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