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  • Heart Pillow Heart Pillow

    Decorative pillows can be expensive... BUT, made with gorgeous materials and patterns, they effortlessly help change the look of a room and add that little extra something that's been missing. They make you feel cozy and comfortable and let's face it, they make you happy and satisfied with your look. This Valentines Day, make your own decorative pillow and let your loved ones (or yourself!) feel all of those same feelings.

  • Be Mine Collage Be Mine Collage

    My daughter very sweetly made this heart collage for my husband and I for Valentine’s Day one year. It hangs over our bed and serves as a nice reminder of what’s supposed to happen there once the kids are asleep, the dogs are walked, the lunches are packed, the clothes are set out… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Whoops!

  • Charity Gift Guide Charity Gift Guide

    Haven't had time to do your holiday shopping? Finding it hard to buy for some people last minute? The perfect solution may be to not shop at all. We have listed some charities and non-profit organizations for you to donate to on behalf of others - the perfect and most generous gift you can give - the gift of giving.

  • Heaven Help Me Holiday Bingo Heaven Help Me Holiday Bingo

    Holiday family get-togethers don’t have to be stressful…say people who know nothing. They are stressful! This year make the most of the impending storm with “Heaven Help Me Holiday Bingo", the holiday game that no one else knows you’re playing!!!


  • Gift Packaging Inspiration Gift Packaging Inspiration

    We're crossing our fingers that this movement towards the simple and sweet never ends. Minimal prints, soft colors and materials that are just as easily found at the butcher shop or bakery as they are a fancy, overprices paper store. Thanks to this seeminly endless Brown-Kraft-Butcher-Paper-Baker's-Twine trend, creating beautiful gift-packages this year is easier than ever.

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