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  • Flip Ahead Flip Ahead

    I did a bit of an Oprah thing last night: I imagined the cover of my book. I know, in order to fully achieve my dumb best life, I should have gone with a vision board but that would have required tape and poster board and getting out of bed. So I settled on the board’s more shiftless cousin, visualization. The book I conjured up was minding its business on a spiffy 1960’s credenza in a living room too tidy to be ...

  • Barbie: From Desperate to Divine Barbie: From Desperate to Divine

    My battle with Barbie lead me to a wonderful discovery. Part of my problem with Barbie was the lack of non-trampy clothes she had to choose from. In Mattel's defense I've seen when girls are given the cool jeans, full-coverage jacket and comfortable flat shoes option only to quickly turn back towards the hot pink, silver and sparkled mini-dress and toe-pinching stilettos.

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