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  • Did you just call my husband a domestic diva? Oh, it’s on! Did you just call my husband a domestic diva? Oh, it’s on!

    The April 26th headline read, “Late-night funnyman Jon Stewart has morphed into his idol Martha Stewart and turned into a domestic diva!” I read the headline and for a moment I had to ask myself, “Could there be any truth to it?”

  • The Dead Of Spring The Dead Of Spring

    Okay Spring, I get it—you’re adorable. You breeze in with cheeping birds and those pink blossomy trees I can never remember the name of. You tease us with fruit that is not an apple, offer a holiday with outstanding candy, inspire us to get flirty haircuts. Well, Spring, aren’t you just terrific. You’re the popular girl in high school who reads to the blind so no one can truly hate you. Even if you deluge us with rain or stay for only a week, people don’t care; they’re just so delighted you’re not the other guy with the ice pellets and delayed school openings. Well, I have news for you, Spring: I don’t care for you. Not. One. Bit.

  • Daily Candy, Help Please: Interview with Tracey Stewart Daily Candy, Help Please: Interview with Tracey Stewart

    The tagline to the site reads, “Be inspired and know you are doing enough.” Why was this an important message to get across to your readers?
    I think we put too much pressure on ourselves not to screw up. Articles can sometimes fool you into believing that others are pulling things off more seamlessly. Once you see how the sausage is made, you have to see there is no “perfect.” The best we can do is go into parenting with good intentions and an open mind.

  • Barbie Angst Barbie Angst

    Before my husband and I had children, we were excellent parents. We would tsk parents who allowed their children to play with Gameboys while out to dinner: "Dinner is family time." We would tut parents who allowed their vehicles to become children's home entertainment centers: "Those catatonic children are literally letting the world pass them by." Our children, whilst fictional, would never be amongst these casualties of modern culture.

  • Heaven Help Me Holiday Bingo Heaven Help Me Holiday Bingo

    Holiday family get-togethers don’t have to be stressful…say people who know nothing. They are stressful! This year make the most of the impending storm with “Heaven Help Me Holiday Bingo", the holiday game that no one else knows you’re playing!!!


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