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  • Become Organized: Make a Plan Become Organized: Make a Plan

    This year, I vowed to get organized. I didn’t even really know what that meant. All I knew is that every morning I was being pulled in a million different directions. I had no idea where to start, or how to prioritize. It ALL had to get done! That’s when my brain would shut down, I would give a mindless errand more priority than a pressing issue, get lost in Pinterest and scramble to pull together only immediate tasks.

  • A Cake Worth A Thousand Dollars A Cake Worth A Thousand Dollars

    A few weeks ago, animator Danielle Ash shared with us a fun animation she had been working on in a series known as the "Animated Cookbook". Her first animation in the series, with audio of a phone call between her and her mother about an old family story, inspired a gift-giving idea that just so happens to continue the tradition of sharing a very special and sought-after recipe. A recipe that was at one point sold for a hefty price!...

  • We Love Tage Andersen We Love Tage Andersen

    I really, really love hosting holiday dinners, mainly because I don't have to leave my own home. If my husband didn't spend some time as a short-order cook I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do. He keeps the biscuits from burning and the turkey from getting dry. I am left to drink wine and decorate the table. This year I've fallen in love with the sculptor, designer, florist and all out Renaissance man, Tage Andersen. Creative and beautiful beyond belief, it may be over the top to attempt a replica of one of his grand masterpieces, but hey,

  • GIRL CRUSH: Danielle Ash GIRL CRUSH: Danielle Ash

    Danielle Ash is a Brooklyn based animator who uses cardboard and reused objects as her main materials of choice. Her projects in animation, puppetry and music, including giant cardboard zoetropes and miniature animated toy installations, have been exhibited in New York and LA.

  • Meet Young Artist: Kade Meet Young Artist: Kade

    “Forever Means Forever.” Those are the words occupational therapist Steve Hodges told my son Kade and me last year, bringing us both to tears. Steve’s words and the revelation that came with them had caught us off-guard, but in hindsight, we both should have known better.

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