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  • Meet the Artist: You Byun Meet the Artist: You Byun

    Watching illustrator and author You Byun draw is like witnessing a natural phenomenom. With the tiniest lines, most sensitive details, and truly mind-boggling compositions, she manages to create effortlessly sweet and truly enchanting other-worldly images. I had the pleasure of attending the same Master's Program with You, and saw first hand her unique approach to creating stories through images. I was thrilled to hear the news that Penguin Books also discovered her amazing talent, and published her first children's book Dream Friends, which is released this month.

  • Meet Young Artist: Lisel Ballmer Meet Young Artist: Lisel Ballmer

    Lisel is a name that is not shared by too many people. The first day of school was always torture as I would dread the moment that the teacher came to my name on the roster and was bound to mispronounce it. Lisa? No. Lysol? No. Lizelle? NO! LISEL! In my entire 36 years, I've never crossed paths with another Lisel until a few months ago. A curious thing happened: my own name appeared in my email inbox! Was I sending myself emails? Confused I read the subject line: "Another artistic person with my exact name!?" It didn't take long to realize it wasn't from myself at all, but from 11 year old artist, Lisel Ballmer, who just happened to come across my website after looking up her own name online.

  • Support Handmade : Our Favorite Etsy Stores Support Handmade : Our Favorite Etsy Stores

    We love anything and everything that is homemade and original. What's better than supporting local and handmade? Etsy is a goldmine for is. It's to get lost amongst all of the beauty and with so much to choose from it's hard to find the really good stuff. We thought we would give you a place to start. Etsy has it all, whether you're getting holiday shopping done early this year, searching for the best products for your babies, desperate for a vintage piece of jewelry, or hoping to find that clever craft to keep your kids occupied.

  • Gluten Free Chef: Erica Fair Gluten Free Chef: Erica Fair

    Having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease just over a year ago, I already knew all of the amazing, tasty, finger-licking good foods that I was now going to miss out on. At the time, I also ran a CAFE! A delicious cafe that was filled with pastries and sandwiches and bagels... so many delicious bagels. They stared me in the face every morning, begging to be tasted, but it was not to be.

  • Escape Winter Escape Winter

    At this time of year on the east coast, we are beginning to get over the beauty of the winter and are pining for those summer days once more. Unfortunately, we know that we still have another two months before we can venture outside wearing a few less layers. This is why February and March are very popular times for beach resort escapes. We love to dream up all of the places we could be, on a beach sipping cocktails, maybe even reading a book, and in our dreams we like to do it all in luxury. Sometimes, however, luxury is not as affordable as we would have hoped, though depending on what we are after it may be just what we need.

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