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  • Living The Farm Sanctuary Life with Gene Baur Living The Farm Sanctuary Life with Gene Baur

    Over the past year in the course of researching my own book I’ve been inspired to transition from vegetarian to a completely whole foods plant-based diet. Life just keeps getting better. Luckily for me and for everyone looking to live a saner, more humane life, Gene Baur is releasing his second book: Living The Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide To Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, And Feeling Better Every Day.

  • Teaching Empathy Teaching Empathy

    To us at the National Museum of Animals & Society, the first museum dedicated to exploring the human-animal bond and nurturing society’s compassion for animals, humane kid lit is a powerful gizmo in a parent’s or educator’s toolbox.

  • Doing Unto Animals: Taegen Yardley Doing Unto Animals: Taegen Yardley

    As a writer, I’ve met children from Hong Kong to Vermont who are transforming attitudes about elephant ivory through a series of small actions. In Hong Kong, the “elephant angels”—three young girls, Nellie Shute Lucy Skrine and Christina Seigrist (then ages 12, 11 and 9) started a petition to stop the selling of ivory at local shops because it led to the killing of elephants. Through their work, the shops decided to stop selling ivory, which in turn prompted the government to consider a wider domestic ban on commercial ivory sales. In the United States, 12-year-old Taegen Yardley is also making waves.

  • Style: Animal Friendly Fashion Style: Animal Friendly Fashion

    Making a simple change in shopping habits can make a big difference. Look for vegan and cruelty free products when you're out and choose animal-friendly fashion. We've put together a round-up of some of our companies that offer vegan alternatives.

  • Our Cookbook Library Our Cookbook Library

    If you were inspired by the five meatless meals from Living The Farm Sanctuary Life and are looking to add more plant-based recipes to your repertoire, we recommend you bookmark this page. Our library is filled with incredible books that we've had the pleasure of reading and cooking from. We invite you to browse through and encourage you to add as many as possible to your own cookbook library.

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