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  • Milk & Bookies: Meredith Alexander Milk & Bookies: Meredith Alexander

    Children's books, their stories and illustrations, can be so much more than they appear. They can be memories, reminders of stages in our lives, morals that we live by, and dreams that we hold. At Moomah we love to say that "a book is not over just because you've reached the last page." We choose to use our older books and recylce them into crafted treasures as a keep sake for ourselves and our children. But what about those children who never even get to the first page?

  • TOOLBOX: Photographing Your Child TOOLBOX: Photographing Your Child

    What better gift is there for mom then the perfect picture of her babies? It’s time to move on from those unfortunate mall-shots that left us in tears after all of the hair combing, uncomfortable clothing and awkward smiling. The fabulous Rachel McGinn knows just the way to set the scene and get the perfect shot of your sweet little guys. In this Toolbox, she gives us some tips on how to find inspiration, work with lighting, and get those swet faces to light up and smile.

  • Girl Crush: Meg Mason Girl Crush: Meg Mason

    I am not a mother, nor am I close to becoming one any time soon. I know, I know “you don't understand motherhood until you have a child of your own", but growing up with younger brothers and cousins, and now teaching very young children, I honestly feel like I am more prepared than most. That is to say I did feel that way until I recently went on a family vacation.

  • The Honest Company: Bed, Bath & Beyond The Honest Company: Bed, Bath & Beyond

    I am a bathaholic. I love everything about my baths. My scrubs, my lotions, my candles, my music, my towels, my robe, my slippers and my music. For me the ritual can’t last long enough. My kids? Ehhh... not so much.

  • A Place at the Table: Parents Unite Against Hunger A Place at the Table: Parents Unite Against Hunger

    As a mother I spend a good amount of hours in the week worrying about my kids. Are they progressing well in school? Are they forming positive friendships? Do they feel good about themselves? What annoying thing do I do that will be recounted to their spouses one day? These worries are more than enough to keep me on a steady diet of anti-anxiety medication. However, they seem more than manageable when I imagine what it would be like if I had to worry that I wouldn’t be able to provide my kids with enough food.

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