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  • Fancy Camping Fancy Camping

    Do you love the idea of sleeping under a romantic tent but are just not so interested in roughing it? Michelle knows that we feel the same way. She has mapped out some incredibly fancy camping options that are sure to give us the "camping vibe," while avoiding the need to shower outdoors, sleep in a bag, or swelter without air-conditioning.

  • Meet the Artist: Zachariah Ohora Meet the Artist: Zachariah Ohora

    I have to say that nothing serves as better motivation to become an imaginative storyteller, than the desire for your kids to just go to sleep already! My tales of talking mice and purple-eared bunnies scurry off into my children's dreams as they drift off to sleep. I often fantasize that an illustrator would be there to capture all of the characters in sketch form for our future books together.

  • The Ultimate Travel Guide for Dad The Ultimate Travel Guide for Dad

    Most heterosexual dads don't always get their way when it comes to vacation spot choices. This is usually because a woman, with other ideas of what equals fun, does most of the planning (and that's how she likes it). Sure, some of us ladies think about the men in our lives when planning our holidays. While we're pre-booking our spa appointments, we wonder if he would ever consider getting a facial? We worry that he might be upset that the SPF we got for the trip has a shimmer effect. And after we've hung up the phone with the concierge, we realize we should have probably checked which sports channels were available at the hotel. Oh, he'll be fine.

  • The Book Of Dads The Book Of Dads

    In his search for "a collection of essays that reached for what it means to be a father - from beginning to end," Ben George found himself asking why there seemed to be so many books on motherhood, but very few on fatherhood. No joke, he points out: whenever he attempted a search on for such a collection, the website would immediately correct him, asking "Did you mean motherhood?"

  • The Pet Project The Pet Project

    We are all for children having pets of their own. However, before any pet promises are made, we think that it's very important to do your research and find the perfect house-mate for you and your family. There’s nothing worse than taking in a new loved one, only to find out a week or so in that it just wasn’t the right fit. What's the best way to work it all out? Get scientific. Devise a plan and formulate a query: what is the best pet for me?

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