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  • Animation with Danielle Ash & Ed Emberly Animation with Danielle Ash & Ed Emberly

    Ed Emberly is one of our ultimate children's book illustrators - we love his simple, quirky characters, and have memories of spending hours and hours with his books. We made up stories, created crazy creatures and meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, we learned the basic tenents of drawing and composition. Emberly believes that everyone can learn to draw, and so he designed step-by-step child-friendly drawing books to teach kids how to do just that. His drawing books are some of our favorite tools to use with kids, as they are super straight forward and make it all look so easy.

  • What I did on my Summer Vacation What I did on my Summer Vacation

    Going back to school after summer vacation is never easy. Wearing socks for the first time in three months and sitting on a plastic chair for hours is something that takes some getting used to. We're not quite sure whether the "What I did on my Summer Vacation" essay is torture for the first week back, or whether it's a nice way to reminisce. Either way, it's an inevitable back-to-school tradition and we thought we'd share ours with you. Now go outside and enjoy your last few weeks, days and hours of summer before it's time to write your own!

  • Girl Crush: Karen Kimmel, Creator of Crafting Community Girl Crush: Karen Kimmel, Creator of Crafting Community

    As a mom of two, Karen Kimmel originally started Crafting Community as a means to spend more quality time with her family and friends. The intention behind the program being to "cultivate a creative movement that enables families to build in together-time under the umbrella of art, recreation, and just plain fun," says Karen. "Compelling, well-designed programming sets the stage for meaningful engagement. Building environments that come to life through the innovation of the participants is a thrilling experience. Crafting Community believes in arts and crafts as a fantastic way to ignite the imagination, making the point to collaborate with brands that share the same mission and that truly value family."

  • Meet the Artists: They Draw and Cook! Meet the Artists: They Draw and Cook!

    During a family vacation three years ago, brother and sister duo, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, were sharing some time in the kitchen. Nate was slaving away over a hot stove, recreating a dish he had recently tried in Berlin, while Salli was drinking wine and drawing the beautiful crate of figs on the counter.

  • Classic Campfire Ghost Stories Classic Campfire Ghost Stories

    The most prominent of my summer childhood memories are those of The Lake. Every July, we piled in the car and drove two states away to my Grandma's cabin at Diamond Lake in Washington State. For three lawless weeks, our days were filled with wild adventure, often going all day without seeing an adult unless we needed food. We'd take canoes into the swamp, unearth treasures on the beach and run barefoot down trails through the woods. There was endless swimming, exploring, and Mac-n-Cheese for breakfast- rules seemed to go out the window.

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