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  • Tea Collection: Citizens of the World Tea Collection: Citizens of the World

    It sometimes helps relieve my guilt about overspending on my kid’s clothes (clothes that they invariably grow out of in 6 months) when I know a company is giving back in a real way. Sure most companies realize it’s just great P.R. and hey whatever gets us there but then there are those companies that are genuinely motivated to make a real difference.

  • Brimfield: Transform your kid’s room with vintage finds Brimfield: Transform your kid’s room with vintage finds

    Brimfield is the Super Bowl of flea markets. There are thousands of venders all in different areas. Each area opens at different times and on different days of the fair, and they each present an interesting feat to see everything in the hot summer months. Suffice to say it takes a certified addict or interested buyer to dig through countless venders and find the gems…and yes, I fit one of those catagories. I am those people that love unearthing the finds no matter how small or big or how hot or rainy. As the owner of a vintage gallery for vintage children's furniture, kinder MODERN, we make it our business to dig and discover vintage treasures for children from all over the world.

  • Sustainable Style: Honey In The Rough Sustainable Style: Honey In The Rough

    With so much controversy today about where the goods we consume come from, it's easy to get overwhelmed. From bath products that won't harm our little ones skin, to making sure our veggies aren't GMO's and our meat is sustainable. And then there's the battle of our clothes: sweat shops, synthetic material, child labor, oh my! How do we know if we're buying the right things?

  • GIRL CRUSH: Kate Lewis GIRL CRUSH: Kate Lewis

    Kate Lewis is a country gal living in Chicago and raising her three young children with her entrepreneurial husband. She loves long runs along the lake and hours of yoga... but that hasn't happened in a while. Instead, she now finds peace in having an artsy house, getting an hour of yoga in once a week, and painting in her in-house studio with her kids close by.

  • Get to Know: Les Petits Chapelais Get to Know: Les Petits Chapelais

    There once was a small boutique children's clothing store on a quiet street in SoHo that always drew my attention. Though I never ventured inside, the windows always made me stop and stare as they were filled with sweet stuffed toys, adorable outfits for young boys and girls, and French inspired pillows that I would use to decorate my own home. One day, I walked past to see that the store had closed and was instantly sad to see it go. That sweet little store with so many beautiful finds - I figured that the rough and tough New York market had gotten to it and made it no longer able to survive.

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