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  • Schoolyard Farming: The HSPS Youth Farm Schoolyard Farming: The HSPS Youth Farm

    Last week, we had the pleasure of spending our morning at bk farmyards' HSPS Youth Farm - a local community farm built within the walls of a public high school in the heart of Brooklyn. Stretching across one acre of land and nestled in the midst of a congested city neighborhood, from the moment we walked through the gates and among the crops we felt an instant connection to the earth, despite being surrounded by city high-rises. We were given a pair of gloves and some pruning clippers to do a little harvesting while we had a chat with some of the staff and volunteers at the farm, and sit in on a class hard at work.

  • Meet the Artist: Jessie Hartland Meet the Artist: Jessie Hartland

    From the minute we walked into Jessie Hartland’s live-work loft in downtown Manhattan, we knew we had discovered gold. From the vintage comic book collection at the entrance, to the studio office filled wall to wall with books and handmade mobiles hanging from the ceiling, drawings and inspirational collectables—this was the workspace of a true illustrator.

  • GIRL CRUSH: Photographer Rachel McGinn GIRL CRUSH: Photographer Rachel McGinn

    My younger colleagues have made themselves breathless trying to explain the value of social media to me. If all the sugar and spice of their attempts were stripped away, I would hear something like, "Hey, Grandma, it's 2013! Technology is passing you by. It's your friend...really, just reach out and touch it...TOUCH IT!!!" And so it is with great remorse that I admit, we found an incredible photographer named Rachel McGinn through Pinterest. You know how it goes...we started following her, she started following us. She wrote nice things to us, we wrote nice things back to her. Oh, it all happens so fast. We started crushing on her.

  • Classic Book Round Up Classic Book Round Up

    Some worry that children these days are so wedded to their screens that they just can't sit still long enough to hear a story read to them. We couldn’t disagree more. We set out to create a go-to list for our readers full of classic books that have stood the test of time. Books that children of all ages just can’t get enough of - timeless stories that never grow old.

  • The Green Egg and The Haiti Project The Green Egg and The Haiti Project

    Because of the hurricane in 2008 that devasted Haiti, and the work we've done with our sister-organization, The Portrait Project we have developed a passionate connection to the country and the people of Haiti. Through the Portrait Project, we had the rare opportunity to see kids from New York City interact with kids of the same age in Port-au-Prince whose lives were devasted by the hurricane, gaining insight into their lives of these incredible people. It's our strong bond Haiti - its people and its culture - that make our ears prick up when we hear of others commited to helping survivors in Haiti. This is how we became aware of The Green Egg and it's affiliation with The Haiti Projects.

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