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  • MEET THE ARTIST: Sophie Gamand MEET THE ARTIST: Sophie Gamand

    When we were designing our donation cards to raise funds for Animal Haven Shelter this holiday season, we were faced with the issue of finding good photographs of the shelter cats and dogs. The old saying goes, "never work with children or animals," and if you've ever attempted to get either to pose long enough for a decent photo you'll understand exactly what that means. It's not easy to snap clear and beautiful photographs of dogs or cats, let alone take a photo that captures the beautiful soul behind the lens. We got lucky when we realized that the role of photographer at Animal Haven was already filled by the talented Sophie Gamand, who donates photography time and expertise to animal charities and shelters.

  • Susie’s Senior Dogs Susie’s Senior Dogs

    What has four legs, a wispy Mohawk that flows in the wind, fifteen years of wisdom, and a non-profit organization to save the lives of her pawed pals? There is only one majestic creature that could be all of that and more, her name is Susie.

  • Good Eggs: Better Food, More Heart Good Eggs: Better Food, More Heart

    Did you know that in a conventional grocery store, all of the USA grown produce you see (whether you’re in Chicago or Austin) has been grown by one of just two enormous farms? These farms are so massive that in order to yield the amount of food needed to support the entire country, they have no choice but to use large amounts of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides on all of their crop. And while they spray away their food, pick green tomatoes so that they ripen on the week long trek across country, and raise scores of animals in filthy cramped conditions, small local farms are struggling to survive. The industrial farm continues to overtake local family-run farms that are growing fresh, non-pesticide gold every day. We always wonder why?

  • How can we live sustainable lives? How can we live sustainable lives?

    We are asking experts from all aspects of life to share how they live sustainable lives and advice on how we can make one simple change to live a sustainable life of our own.

  • The Little Market: Hannah Skvarla The Little Market: Hannah Skvarla

    Our 2013 holiday gift guide was filled with products that support organizations striving to make a difference. We chose items we love from online stores that donate to their favorite charities, create products using sustainable materials, or that work closely with organizations to make a difference in our world. One shop that we came across as we scoured for do-gooders was The Little Market, an online marketplace created by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla.

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