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Crafts: Make It!
  • Block Print Beach Bag Block Print Beach Bag

    Designing your own tote bag can be fun, easy and make for a beautiful and personal gift. Our fish and coral template is perfect for decorating your very own beach bag, but follow our instructions on making stamps and you will be able to design a bag for any occasion you choose.

  • Under The Sea Shadowbox Under The Sea Shadowbox

    The shadowbox is our favorite way to collect, save and present our treasured items. If your kids are always coming back with more and more collectables from their day at the beach, a shadowbox may be the perfect way to show them all off in style. Those extra shells that weren't turned into glitter shells will be used just as beautifully in our Under The Sea Shadowbox.

  • Tide Pool Treasure Box Tide Pool Treasure Box

    Kids are always digging for treasures down at the beach and need a safe place to keep their finds. This Tide Pool Treasure Box can act as safe haven for all of the shells and corals they have brought home and need a place to live.

  • Crab Collage Crab Collage

    If the kiddies try to pull the ol' "bringing back hermit crabs and other sea life from the beach thing" this summer, how about suggesting they honor them in collage form instead? Yeah, that'll work! Well hey, you're already going to be taking care of all their summer pets anyway, so why not add a project about them to your list? You do the cutting and they do the rest.

  • Toolbox: Shibori Toolbox: Shibori

    Like many California teenagers, I tie-dyed just about every T-shirt I owned, so when I recently noticed this sophisticated version with its muted indigos and intricate designs popping up on some of my favorite design blogs and websites, I had to learn more. Shibori perfectly combines the looks I love most: laid back California beachy bohemian with the intricate maturity of the Japanese aesthetic. And for crafters, the shibori technique has so many variations, it provides endless opportunity for design experimentation. I’m obsessed! Now, every pillow, dress, curtain panel I see, I think, “I could shibori that!”

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