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Crafts: Make It!
  • MAKE IT! Fabric Accessories MAKE IT! Fabric Accessories

    We love encouraging the art of recycling in any form, but this time our little one did it all on her own. Whilst trying to glam up her school outfit one day, she found a pile of fabric scraps, old clothes, ribbon strips and unsorted buttons, and she decided to design some accessories for herself. A belt, a headband, a necklace, a bracelet - so many ways to wear them!

  • Fabric Jewelry is a Girl’s Best Friend Fabric Jewelry is a Girl’s Best Friend

    I did a bad, bad thing. When I found out I was having a baby girl, I went out and bought beautiful dresses for her. Beautiful dresses that often came with hefty price tags. I literally bought a three-year supply over the course of six months. What I didn't know then was that she would embark on a path of rapid growth that would leave her busting out of her clothes on an average of every six months.

  • Make It! A spy Periscope with André da Loba Make It! A spy Periscope with André da Loba

    Being a detective requires you to use a lot of very sneaky sleuthing devices. A spy in training is required to learn about all of the different spy gadgets they will need when out in the field, and might even need to know how to be resourceful enough to make some of them on their own.

  • Animation with Danielle Ash & Ed Emberly Animation with Danielle Ash & Ed Emberly

    Ed Emberly is one of our ultimate children's book illustrators - we love his simple, quirky characters, and have memories of spending hours and hours with his books. We made up stories, created crazy creatures and meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, we learned the basic tenents of drawing and composition. Emberly believes that everyone can learn to draw, and so he designed step-by-step child-friendly drawing books to teach kids how to do just that. His drawing books are some of our favorite tools to use with kids, as they are super straight forward and make it all look so easy.

  • Make It! Magic Tricks with Mario the Magician Make It! Magic Tricks with Mario the Magician

    We get quite a few emails in our Moomah mailbox introducing many artists, illustrators, bloggers and more. One day, we got an email introducing us to a magician named Mario. On the email was a link to his website and video. We watched it, immediately thought he was great, and knew we wanted him in our Imagination Edition. He accepted our request and the rest is history.

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