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Crafts: Make It!
  • Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser Make Nice Mission: Seed Selling Fundraiser

    Right now the Edible Schoolyard NYC is trying to raise funds to fulfill their vision of establishing a Showcase School in each of the five boroughs in the city. You and your kids could help them a great deal by spreading the word about healthy eating habits and home-grown gardens, through a simple front yard sale! Sure you could sell cupcakes (who doesn’t love a good cupcake) but why not stay on message by selling some of these seeds and pots. Get creative but most importantly have fun!

  • Make Nice Mission: Vegetable Dye Make Nice Mission: Vegetable Dye

    When we took our tour of the Edible Schoolyard garden, our guide Bailey told us about a fun activity she likes to do with Amaranth. Once a staple crop for the Aztec people in Mexico, amaranth is a beautiful flower that blossoms in the summer and fall. Though the flowers are beautiful themselves, the amaranth grains can also be toasted (much like popcorn) and mixed with honey, molasses or chocolate to make a treat called Alegría, meaning "happiness." But the students at P.S. 216 use their amaranth from the garden in a different way.

  • The First Thanksgiving Shadowbox The First Thanksgiving Shadowbox

    Take a trip back in time with our First Thanksgiving Shadowbox.

  • Halloween Craft Round-Up Halloween Craft Round-Up

    Halloween is just around the corner and whether you are crafting at home with your kids, throwing a party for the occassion, or simply looking for some interesting things to do with pumpkins, we've put together a few of our favorite Moomah Halloween Crafts to inspire and get you in the spirit of the spooky season.

  • Cemetery Fun?! Cemetery Fun?!

    There are things about myself that I never used to tell people until I knew someone well. For instance, when I find beautiful dead birds on the sidewalk or woods I put them in tiny wooden coffins and store them in my freezer with the plan of having them turned into taxidermy some day. The older I get the less I censor myself so I don't find it surprising that I don't get many rsvp's to my dinner party invites.

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