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  • Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox

    The Snowy owl can be spotted in the winter time throughout the northern United States and Canada. Unlike most other owls it is active during the day and constantly moves depending on where it will most likely find prey to survive. Unfortunately, Snowy owls face a few threats. Climate change affects both their habitat and their prey, while collisions with automobiles, utility lines and other objects are other more accidental threats.

  • TOOLBOX: Needle Felting TOOLBOX: Needle Felting

    Simple to learn and easy to practice, needle felting uses barbed felting needles to sculpt un-spun wool fibers into three-dimensional objects. The needles have tiny grooves on the edges, so, as you move the needle in and out of the wool (jabbing), the top wool fibers tangle with the inside layers, creating a dense, matted mass

  • Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags

    Choose your gift! We have so many gift ideas on our gift guide for animal lovers. All they need is a cute tag to put them over the edge

  • 12 Homemade Holiday Gifts 12 Homemade Holiday Gifts

    It's a challenge to pick out the perfect gifts for our friends and relatives around the holiday season. We're offering an alternative. Make things a little more simple with a round-up of our favorite craft projects that double as homemade gifts. Let your crafty side out, get sewing and avoid the stores!

  • Hands Off My Homework Mommy! Hands Off My Homework Mommy!

    I’m not one of those annoying parents that goes on ad nauseum about the virtues of not letting my child watch television. I’m not one that brags about how truly exceptional my kids are (even though my kids are truly exceptional…I mean really they are). I am most certainly not one that tells my 5 year old son that there is a Ugandan warlord who commits unspeakable acts. Oh, but I have my faults. One of them being that I steal my children’s art projects, projects that are assigned to be done at home...

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