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Crafts: Make It!
  • Heart Strung Embroidery Heart Strung Embroidery

    Embroidery, while seemingly simple to adults with sewing experience, can be a tricky skill for children to catch onto. Heart Strung Embroidery has always been a popular project for Moomah children.

  • MAKE IT! Darling Deer Collage MAKE IT! Darling Deer Collage

    The deer is the sweetest Valentine. She's social, gentle, a dedicated friend, and an adoring carer to her young. Not to mention she has a true appreciation for flowers! Sometimes, however, her love of flowers can interfere with our desire to create a fresh bouquet for our beloved, using homegrown beauties from the backyard. If you're finding that the local deer are disruptive to your bounty, there is a humane and non-harmful solution: plant flowers that they have no interest in! Put the toxic chemicals and harmful scare-tactics away!

  • Love Bird Connection Love Bird Connection

    One day, while lost in a daze of website strolling, we stumbled upon BloesemKids, one half of an incredibly gorgeous website put together by founder and editor Irene Hoofs. Originally from Amsterdam, Hoofs vision is to put together a blog that "is a truly delightful reference of abundant treats for kids".

  • The “I Tease Because I Love” Game The “I Tease Because I Love” Game

    Whenever my extended family gets together, we always find ourselves in hilarious fits of laughter, brought on by telling embarrassing stories of everyone’s past…the time my dad had to take a run into the woods on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner after consuming too much mince pie, the time my dad continued a drawn out conversation with a neighbor even though he had stabbed his foot with a pitchfork but was too embarrassed to let the neighbor know, the time my dad fell into

  • Cardboard Town Cardboard Town

    Like a true New Yorker, I never eat at my dining room table. The main reason for this is that my kids love to take it over. For them it serves as the base for their miniature town creations, filled with pet hospitals, homeless shelters and Shake Shacks. They’ve created Pumpkin Town, A Christmas Village, an Arctic Escape…you name it! With the holiday season passing and the kids spending a lot of time at home due to school vacation, we thought of a great way to keep busy, recycle and put those gift boxes to good use.

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